for the Well Active Woman

A Guided Online Course for Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Recovery 

Restoring your body postpartum is essential to your future strength and function, but we are often left with little to no information on how to recover and rebuild safely. It is normal to feel disconnected or unsure of your body's capabilities during this postpartum period, but with time, patience, and the appropriate exercises, you can regain your strength and trust your body again. This 4-week online course focuses on rebuilding your belly and pelvic floor so you feel confident in how you move and feel again. 

Redefine Hip, Core, and Pelvic Floor in Sport: Levels One and Two

There are three foundational pillars that can change how we feel and move throughout our day. Three foundational pillars of movement that allow us to be sustainable, long-lasting athletes, injury free and ready to take on the next challenge. Three pillars that can improve our sport performance and allow us to hit our training goals faster. 

You have may have heard of these three pillars, but are they a part of your workouts? They may be the missing key to get you out of your training rut, help you recover from a chronic injury and see progress. The Redefine Hip Core and Pelvic Floor Series classes are not about you planking or crunches, but finding ways to move without bracing or holding your breath. They were created to build ideal movement patterns and patterns of efficiency without compensation. Patterns of how the muscles were meant to work. 

The 4 Core Pillars (3 Class Bundle)

Webinar One: Fundamentals of the Deep Inner Core for Injury Prevention  and Performance Progress

Webinar Two: Dysfunctional Patterns and Injuries Secondary to Deep Inner Core Impairments

Webinar Three: Assessment and Management of Core Recruitment in Sport and Movement

Pelvic Floor and The Mindful Runner:

Webinar: Integration of the Pelvic Floor and Hip/Lumbar Spine for Hip Control in Running

Pillars of Sustainable Sport & The Well Athlete:

Webinar: The Pillars of Sustainable Sport and The Well Athlete: Finding Down Regulation to achieve Performance in Sport