I have worked in sport for a decade and find pelvic health and women's wellness has not been at the forefront in women's training. This is changing and I am striving to build a conversation within the community for women's wellness in sport.

.As we find alignment and stillness within our body, we begin to move more efficiently.

We start to work with our body not against it.

Our body to starts to move with ease and simplicity. As we understand it, we give it grace and boundaries. We say no when we need a rest. We work with our hormones not against it. We have a voice and an opinion to find the team that supports and encourages us. The people who want to see us succeed and cheer us on. Who help us set goals but drive us and push ourselves to grow.

STILL SPORT is about support and encouragement. Raising THE WELL ATHLETE to understand their body and mind which will empower them, build confidence and see performance gains.

How do you want to feel when you train?

How do you want to be treated when you train?

How can you be the a Well Athlete?